Posted On : 3rd Jun, 2019

Fleet training organisation ICFM has launched a new online distance learning course at the Intermediate Certificate level in car and LCV fleet management.

The new course from ICFM, the UK’s only independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the education and advancement of car and light commercial vehicle fleet management, joins the Introductory Certificate course in being available online for distance learning.

The new online distance learning course is an enhancement of ICFM’s current paper-based Intermediate Certificate level distance learning arrangement, the content of which mirrors the ‘fast-track’ training room-based tutor-led programme.

The ‘fast-track’ programme consists of five core competences delivered via three modules that are completed in less than nine months with job-based assignments and knowledge reviews after each module. The content embraces: managing people in the fleet arena and communication and relationships; fleet administration, finance, acquisition and law.

The new online distance learning programme has identical content to the ‘fast-track’ course and covers the same five core competencies, but they are available as individual modules, or as a combined five-module purchase. It is a fully interactive training programme that provides a brief overview of each section covered in the five modules, with multi-choice and ‘drag and drop’ answer options that drive a ‘student’s’ results. The successful completion of all five modules culminates in the awarding of the ICFM Intermediate Certificate in Car and LCV Fleet Management. Online tutor support is also available if required. Accompanying study notes are available as PDF downloads.

Peter Eldridge, ICFM director and a lead tutor, said: “We have historically had a steady stream of members purchase the previous ‘hard back’ Distance Learning modules, both as a learning tool to support a perceived area of weakness in their fleet expertise involving a specific subject, or as the complete five-module set, to obtain ICFM Certificate level qualification, in preference to attending the tutor-led course.”

He continued: “Naturally, we want to encourage more fleet decision-makers to complete the whole intermediate course through to the awarding of their Intermediate Certificate, but equally we recognise that having the individual modules available as an online learning facility is an important provision for our members and we will continue to accommodate both options.”

Mr Eldridge added: “The online course has been launched because the way the new generation of fleet decision-makers are working and studying is changing and ICFM wants to give those people an online option. They want to be able to study when they have time during the day – that maybe while on a train, for example – and not have to do it at home after a full day’s work and with family considerations. Distance learning can be very time consuming and not all ‘students’ want to be in a training room environment.”

Furthermore ‘students’ are able to complete the new online distance learning programme over a period of time to suit themselves, although ICFM recommends 12 months.

Additionally, as with all ICFM training, all course content will be regularly updated to reflect, for example, changes in legislation and taxation.

ICFM’s training portfolio is completed by its Advanced Diploma course, which has an established reputation as being one of the most comprehensive learning platforms available to people engaged in the management of buy herbal ambien a vehicle fleet. It comprises four two-day tutor-led modules scheduled over an approximate 18-month period. Successful completion also satisfies a key criterion to attaining ICFM Fellowship.

ICFM qualifications are viewed as the de facto stamp of approval for employees with fleet responsibility whether as full-time professional fleet managers or as part of an HR, finance or procurement role. They are also increasingly being viewed as job-critical for employees working in the fleet service support arena, including at contract hire and leasing companies, fleet management organisations and in dealer-based corporate fleet departments.

The new online distance learning programme will be launched at the beginning of August. Fleet decision-makers are urged to register their interest by contacting the ICFM Administration Hub at: administration@icfm.com.


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