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"Participating in training though the ICFM has allowed me to not only grow my experience of Fleet management but also provided a valuable insight into the way that other companies work and handle challenges that we also face. I have been able to apply skills and knowledge learnt into improvements in processes. For me the personal benefits have had the biggest impact as the course has given me the confidence and knowledge to cement my position and influence within the company."
Emma Evans, Fleet Supervisor, Galliford Try Plant

"Joining the ICFM was the best career decision I have made and I am grateful that my company has supported me throughout the training.  As well as gaining a professional fleet qualification, it has provided knowledge which has been instrumental in changing both the administration and management of our fleet operation.  By following ICFM best practice principles we have saved roughly 8% of our overall fleet spend within the first 3 years as well as improving our duty of care commitment to our drivers.  Our accident rate has been reduced by 70% over the same term.  The course has given me the confidence to make key decisions and enabled me to review and improve existing procedures and practices.   The ICFM is an organisation that all companies should be looking at to ensure that effective fleet strategies are put in place."
Joanne Johnson, Fleet Administrator, National Services for Health Improvement

"The ICFM courses offered for the fleet industry are high quality and relevant. The Introductory Certificate in Car Fleet Management is a valuable qualification which is externally endorsed and moderated by the Institute of Leadership & Management and is a valuable qualification to people just joining the industry (either as fleet managers or fleet suppliers), or for experienced professionals to gain a recognised industry qualification." 
Nick Poole, Sales Director, Fleet Hire

"Learner numbers remain constant and evaluation feedback remains positive."
".......there was clear evidence that learners are supported well to ensure they understand, and are prepared for the assessment tasks."
"The assessor provides formative feedback on the first draft of the first assignment to help learners structure their work appropriately and understand the requirements."
"The assessor also offers an email helpline and, where appropriate, will share questions and answers within the group if beneficial. The provider is pro-active in involving line managers in the process and they provide specific guidance to line managers with the joining instructions."
"There is a robust approach to quality assurance and the assessments are professionally managed."
"The sampling activity highlighted strong evidence of effective marking and feedback. The assignments and tests are written professionally and are an excellent example of assessment technique in that knowledge, understanding and practical application to the workplace are all included."
The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) 

As you can see by my company signature at the bottom of this email, I recently got promotion to Fleet Manager and it is for this reason I am emailing you. I would like to thank you and everyone involved, for the invaluable instruction I received on my course, the certificate I received as a result is undoubtedly the catalyst to my success.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the ICFM conference, where I will bring my new Fleet Administrator, Lorien English. It is my intention to put forward Lorien for the’ Introduction to Car Fleet Management ‘course and the conference would be the ideal  place for her to meet others in the industry, which as we know is invaluable.
Georgina Smith, Fleet Manager, Healthcare at Home Ltd

I found the module challenging and I learned a lot as it took me out of my comfort zone within the Police fleet management. This made me look out with my current role and carry out more research on other methods and practices in the industry, which I would not normally do. I feel I have a more rounded view on different funding methods, etc than before.
Tony Chalk, Fleet Manager, Transport & Logistics, Strathclyde Police

I wish, at the beginning of our cooperation, to thank you for your trust and the honour you showed me in receiving me as a member of the ICFM. The great experience that I have in my previous work on different fleets and this membership will not relax me, it will make me even more dedicated to learn, now with literature written by you and your esteemed colleagues. The badge I wear, it’s going to be with pride and I’ll work hard to promote the ICFM in this part of the Europe.
Dusan Babic, Belgrade, Serbia

Since taking on the role of our Fleet Manager, it has been a pleasure to see both Gareth Roberts develop into a highly professional manager as well as seeing our fleet gradually upgrade through his efforts to a fleet that is of the highest standard and achieving accolades from other government bodies as well as outside bodies. The contribution to this through Gareth meeting colleagues within ICFM and exchanging thoughts, ideas and best practice have also made a welcome contribution.
AJ Begg, Countryside Council for Wales

Just wanted to drop you a few words to express my thanks regarding the foundation module of the Fast Track programme. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and feel I learned a lot and thought the presentation was excellent.
John Carter

The ICFM Introductory Certificate in Car Fleet Management was a fantastic learning experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to think outside of my role and look at the different things a fleet manager needs and wants from a company like Arval. It also taught me things about the industry that I would not have known otherwise. I would highly recommend the course to anyone in sales that wants a better understanding of the things that we can do to provide excellent service for our customers.
Lucy Thomas

I would recommend the Introductory Certificate in Car Fleet Management to anyone working in the fleet industry as a good sounding board to progressing your career in this type of business or just to improve your general understanding of fleet management.
Jacqui Probets

I have received my results and I am very pleased! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how useful I found it, thank you!

In fact I found it so useful that the company are hoping to be able to get Kayleigh Smith our Fleet Coordinator on the next one.
Emma Forsdyke

Just to let you know I am being promoted to Car Fleet Manager from the 1st April. I seem to have so much more confidence with relation to the car fleet now I have passed the Certificate and am sure it has helped me get the promotion.
Paula Maxwell

The BVRLA’s Professional Fleet Consultant Development Programme developed in conjunction with the Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM), is targeted at sales and business development executives within BVRLA member companies. The four day training programme equips participants with the skills and knowledge to align their sales role more closely with the demands and responsibilities of the client fleet manager.

The programme, launched in October 2008, has been enthusiastically welcomed by the leasing and fleet management industry, which has seen its customers grow more sophisticated in their business processes and, as a consequence, more demanding of their service providers. BVRLA members recognize the value in an industry –acknowledged qualification that demonstrates both their investment in employee development and their commitment to understanding the needs of their customers.

The BVRLA chose to work with the ICFM because of its accredited training programmes and its expertise in delivering training to fleet managers. Currently 40 business executives from 18 BVRLA members have benefited from the attending the programme so far and further programmes are scheduled for 2010. It has been praised for providing the fleet sales consultant with much needed accreditation and helping to build mutual understanding and respect among clients and prospects alike. It is also seen as ideal preparation for tapping into the needs of the client before preparing a proposal.
John Lewis - Chief Executive - BVRLA

Since taking part in the fast track programme and obtained this valuable qualification myself, I have been promoted, been given a company car and an assistant. I attribute some of these changes to the fact that a business qualification and the knowledge gained from the studies and training is noticed within the business and I have been able to make some significant changes to policy and save the company substantial sums of money in the process.
Ian Green

I found the course very informative and think it has enhanced my skills, knowledge and confidence greatly, which will be a great asset for both myself and Inchcape. Another great lesson I have learnt is that if somebody tells me to do course work as I go along rather than leave it until the end I will most certainly be doing so.
Jason Slavin

Delivery was superb – very enjoyable and much more challenging and interesting than I expected. The trainers were first class. Thanks – really challenging and enjoyable.
Paul Saer

Found the course useful to compare with my own job role – gave good information.
Kirsty Francis

A very good course, well implemented throughout its duration.
Andrew Titchmarsh

Good contrast between both trainers – kept it interesting.
Stephen Phillips

Both trainers' deliveries were full of content and held the audience well.
Sarah Dopson

Trainer style was brilliant – great modules to attend.
Mohammed Imran

No improvements required – style relevant. These modules were excellent: informative, relevant and good tutor styles.
Ella Rhodes

Both trainers were excellent. Great three days – very informative.
Dan Davis

Thought both trainers were really good and kept me focused. Thanks to all the trainers on the course – really enjoyed it.
Wendy Smith

Enjoyable course – able to share ideas with the other participants. Very personable and nice, relaxed atmosphere.
Colin Blake

I cannot think of any improvement needed. A good two days, good venue. Nothing about the trainer style needs improvement – it was all good in context.
Paul Coxon



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