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How to be a fleet professional

ICFM training helped Duane Leach to control cost and risk on the Gloucestershire Constabulary fleet. In a feature article in Fleet News, Duane Leach, head of transport services, states “I didn’t think the ICFM training would make as much difference as it has. The ICFM modules will give you the base you require to springboard forward.” He adds: “Everything fell into place as we were doing the modules – there were things to change and improve based on all of them.”

Having completed the Certificate, Duane quickly enrolled on the Diploma course. “Networking with other fleets is beneficial: you can see other issues and problems and the solutions. And you can apply some of the things they are doing to your business.”

Duane achieved a Distinction in the Diploma of Car Fleet Management and was awarded ICFM Training Achievement of the Year. “The return on investment is me being able to deliver the strategies that we need to control the fleet and make savings.” The investment was an “easy sell”.


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Fleet News Article

Managing the fleet in-house is important in a company where the chief executive likes his staff to be hands-on, trained and knowledgeable

The role of a fleet manager is set for the biggest shake up in 20 years, according to ICFM, the sector’s education and qualifications body, as the worlds of travel, payment and fleet rapidly collide.

Decision-makers need to prepare for electric vehicles, driverless cars, smart payments and multi-modal transport while nurturing the next generation. This is where professional training can help.

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2016 ICFM Annual Conference

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