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Keeping pace with developments in car fleet management

The Institute was established as a not for profit organisation in 1992 in response to a clear need for professional standards in vehicle management of cars and light vans.

Fleet management had become increasingly complex due to the financial, technical, legal and political nature of the business.

Throughout the nineties there was an increased focus on quality standards, vehicle safety, contract hire, leasing and taxation. Coupled with a reduction in layers of management and increased levels of delegation in most organisations, this heightened the need for increased professionalism within corporate fleets and fleet service support specialists.

Currently a corporate fleet is likely to represent the second largest cost, after payroll, for many organisations.

The demands on the individuals responsible for managing fleets have expanded even further to embrace legislative changes in health & safety and duty of care plus the rising importance of green issues. And the fleet remit has now extended to include employee mobility management and corporate social responsibility.

The increased complexity in these areas has resulted in a trend towards the creation of specialised roles, each accountable for a particular facet of fleet or mobility management including accident management, business travel, risk assessment and control among others.

The Institute is responsible not only for identifying these changing trends but also for actively supporting the imparting of fresh knowledge and the development of new skills by ensuring the education and training programmes reflect the needs of today's fleet specialists.



Latest Update 10-3-17

Includes ACFO News, Regional Fleet Briefings & AGM, ACFO Forum, 2017 Membership Renewals, DVLA, ICFM, Fuel & Green, Insurance & Road Safety, Regulatory & Legislation, Disposals & Remarketing, Manufacturers, Fleet News and Vans

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Fleet News Article

Managing the fleet in-house is important in a company where the chief executive likes his staff to be hands-on, trained and knowledgeable

The role of a fleet manager is set for the biggest shake up in 20 years, according to ICFM, the sector’s education and qualifications body, as the worlds of travel, payment and fleet rapidly collide.

Decision-makers need to prepare for electric vehicles, driverless cars, smart payments and multi-modal transport while nurturing the next generation. This is where professional training can help.

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